Welcome to magic-mile

Thank you for your interest in the LRR Mile 2017 Series.

Lordshill Road Runner

We are holding several events in 2017 where participants can compete against each other in 1 mile timed runs on the Common in Southampton.

The list of events in 2017 is shown below:

The series is open to runners from the following running clubs:

In order to participate, you will need to register and print out a barcode. The barcode can be used for all timed runs in the LRR series.

Your barcode will allow us to collate your finish position against your finish time and therefore provide you with a result.

The start is on Coronation Avenue just north of the Cowherds pub. Please note that we meet at the finish area which is outside the Hawthorns Centre.

Forthcoming Events

There are only 18 days until our next scheduled event which is being held on Tuesday 5th September 5th at 6:30pm.